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Intime Outreach

About Us

Intime Outreach Incorporated is a non-profit Community Development Corporation. It is established for the purpose of connecting the Church with the Community by addressing the needs of the community and rendering solutions. We are focused on sharing the tools and information to those that are seeking resolutions to unresolved problems that are plaguing their lives.


Connect is defined as link, conjoin, unite, and relate. This is the mission of Intime Outreach Incorporated. Our goal is to link the business community with our mission; while simultaneously relating to the needs of our community and connecting the two. It is the business community that has the material means to get things accomplished; but it is the community service organizations like I.O. I. that implements and coordinates the services that our society requires for citizens to be more productive and accomplished. We believe that when proper and righteous connections are made, lives are improved in many ways. Therefore, we are driven to make the necessary connections with our business community, so that the connections we make with our surrounding community can be fruitful and productive. We have a slogan that says: "Your Connection Determines Your Direction!" What you connect to and who you connect with will determine what you get and achieve in life. Help us make good connections on both ends of the spectrum.


Seed-N-Need Provides assistance to needy families for emergency services such as utility bills, food, and clothes. The vision is to provide the appropriate information and supplies to improve the quality of life for anyone we can help.

Coming Soon
Computer Literacy Provides free classes to help all that are interested in learning basic computer skills. All attendees receive Certificates of Completion. Classes are taught by qualified an educated personnel.

S.M.A.R.T. Program Students Making A Radical Turn-Around. This is a tutorial program designed for middle school students struggling with a particular subject. We believe that middle school is the transitional stage for our young people and the most critical area in the educational process for our youth. Through the S.M.A.R.T. Program, we believe that our students will excel in high school and straight through college.


Our vision is to connect with the people that will respond to our services and to empower them with the necessary information, materials, and assistance for them to become transformed in their thinking and actions. This will establish in our society an individual that has a renewed way of thinking; a different and better approach to life; and actions that are more productive to themselves, their families, and society at large.


To empower means to commission, enable, endow, entitle, and privilege. These are some basic definitions of what it means to empower. We have a strong desire to improve the quality of life for those in our society that desire to be endowed with the knowledge, because they realize that they are entitled to have a better lifestyle than what they have. Once they realize that they are privileged to receive the services that we will offer them, they will become commissioned to implement change in their daily status-quo of living. This is the process of Empowering people who want major and radical change in their lives for an improved quality of living. It is through Right Information and Right Application of the information that Right Change is made. Many of our community organizations today are not structured to bring about change in peoples lives. They are mostly places for social-hand-outs. Intime Outreach Incorporated is determined to change that concept, and to establish a program format that will truly be a hand up for those that participate. This is the true essence of empowering.


Community Partners
Welcome Business Community Partners. I am very thankful that you have connected with us to better serve the needs of our community. With your continued support, we can make a positive impact in the lives of many people. Our goal is to do exactly as our slogan says: “Connect-Empower-Transform”. We will be posting results of our efforts within this site as time progresses and as the aid and support of what we do is rendered. Again, thank you for your support of this great work.

Community Service Information
In the past, Intime Outreach Incorporated in conjunction with New Beginning Empowerment Church has paid rents, hotel expenses, utility bills, and etcetera; distributed food to several families; supplied clothing and household items; and has meet numerous personal financial needs that have gone lacking in the lives of those in our community. We are currently supporting a local school in our area with pencils, paper, backpacks, binders, and etcetera. This is not a one time deal but a continuous effort to support families and our local public schools.


Our goal is to make a radical impact on our local community first. Afterwards, we will expand these principles, procedures, and processes to our nation and ultimately the world around us.


Transform means to make over to a radically different form, composition, state, or disposition. It is only when you change someone’s perception do you change a persons actions. How an individual thinks always dictates the actions that an individual takes. So before you can change a person’s lifestyle, you have to change a person’s perception of themselves, finances, various viewpoints about life, and our order of governance. Many people have unfruitful and non-contributory lives because of what they have and have not been taught, who they communicate with, and what they have or have not been exposed to in life. So, if we are going to improve the conditions of mankind we must understand what is required to do so. We must be willing to accept criticism from those who do not agree or understand. We have a lot of “Social Policies” in this world that do not yield results of a transformed life for those in need. We will strive with all of our God-given abilities to perform and institute real transformation in the lives of those we help. Help us with your contributions, so that we can help others make the transformation to a better life.

Contact Us
How can you help?
I am glad you asked!
You can help us through financial contributions, material contributions (call or email for more insight), and soon we will be in need of educational volunteers. Pray and ask the Lord what need YOU can help meet. Thank you so much for all that you do to help us help others.

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Intime Outreach Incorporated

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